“The last thing I wanted was another piece of noisy machinery, I already had a selection of power tools in my workshop. The idea of creating a bowl from a log without a power tool was intriguing!”

“Some folks shared their thoughts that I wanted to share with you”... Gene

"Gene’s carvings are so much more than just bowls. Created from fallen trees on his own property in Vermont, when you hold these bowls you can feel the respect that he has for the wood. The textures are both exciting and comforting and wonderful to hold in your hands. My bowl sits in the middle of our dining table and just about all of our guests want to pick it up and admire it. Because they are made by hand with no power tools, he doesn’t make a lot of these bowls which makes them even more special. "
Los Angeles, CA

"As a professional cabinetmaker I’m particularly impressed with Gene’s skill and knowledge throughout the phases of the project. It starts at the beginning - being able to look at a log and see how to bring out the best grains, shapes and colors.

Our bowl sits prominently on our kitchen counter. It is a beautiful heirloom piece that adds style and functionality. Frequently commented on by guests we love telling the story of how Gene crafted the bowl and some of its nuances."
Cavendish, Vermont

"Nature has a distinct way of revealing her beauty and Gene Felder has found a way to experience the wonder of nature through his hand-carved bowls. Each bowl is a tactile, earthy and unique piece of artisanship and craftsmanship. Gene manages to reveal the subtle natural beauty of each piece of wood and each bowl reflects the personality of the wood. I was honored with a gift of one of Gene Felder’s beautiful hand-carved bowl that has now become a family treasure."
Wallingford, Vermont

"I love mine!! It artfully holds my bananas and ripening mangos and avacados. I have a fairly small and brand new kitchen so everything in it needed to be special and beautiful."
Hinesburg, Vermont

"Your bowl is absolutely amazing and now holds the exclusive honor of being the sole centerpiece on our dining room table. The wood of the bowl matches perfectly with the hue and grain of the table, which only enhances how fantastic a piece of art it is simply on its own. Thank you"
Christian and Mila
Manchester, New Hampshire